Frequently Asked Question Content Policy
Last Updated 2 months ago hopes to provide a safe and welcoming space for our users. To ensure that, this Content Policy is enforced with this in mind, and we will always err on the side that protects those that need the most protection. is part of the fediverse, a vast network of servers running software that all speak the same language—ActivityPub—hosting content that is created by, and populated by you, users and other users on the network.

This Content Policy applies to this instance only, and does not apply to any other Calckey, Misskey, Pleroma, Akkoma, Friendica, or any other ActivityPub software and/ or instance.

Prohibited Content

  • CSAM. has a zero-tolerance for CSAM. This includes AI and 3D generated images. Anyone found distributing CSAM through our services will be perma-banned and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Un-flagged NSFW images, video, and other content. All content that can generally be construed as being "not safe for work" or for adult audiences must be properly flagged to ensure the content is obscured by default when displayed by others.
  • NSFW Profile Images. Since profile images (headers and profile photos) are publicly visible, and can not be censored, there is a real risk that NSFW profile photos and images could be seen by minors, or others that have no desire to see such content. Therefore, all profile images must be “safe for work”. No nudity is allowed in any profile image or header, or the depiction of any breasts or genitals (whether drawn, rendered, or photographed).
  • Obscene material. Content that is not necessarily CSAM but that could otherwise be interpreted as being obscene is not allowed. This includes violent pornographic images and videos, bestiality. Note, loli and shota is expressly prohibited even though the content is drawn and does not feature "real" people.
  • Doxxing. Posting the private information of other users without their express consent is prohibited. Private information is any information that can be used to identify someone's identity, or where they live, work, congregate, etc.
  • Impersonating Others. Creating accounts with the express purpose of impersonating a company or person. Satirical and parody accounts are allowed but they must be explicitly labeled as such in the account profile.
  • Illegal Content. Any content that is illegal where you are located or would be illegal in the United States. This includes:
    • FOSTA-SESTA: Content that knowingly assists, facilitates, or supports sex trafficking is prohibited.
  • Content that goes against the community's rules.

Last Updated: May 6, 2024

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