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Blocked Instances
Last Updated 10 months ago

In an effort to protect our users and our infrastructure, the Fediverse instances owned and operated by BOFH, LLC (,,, share a common instance "block list". The following instances are on this list:

Instance NameBlock Reason
bae.sttargeted harassment
chaosfem.twtargeted harassment
democracy.towntargeted harassment
detroitriotcity.comtargeted harassment
mastodon.arttargeted harassment, brigading, mob rule
pl.kitsunemimi.clubtargeted harassment
noagendasocial.comtargeted harassment
poa.sttargeted harassment
poster.placetargeted harassment
shitposter.clubtargeted harassment
simcha.lgbttargeted harassment
shitpost.cloudtargeted harassment
baraag.netcsam (drawn, computer generated)
varishangout.nettargeted harassment against a group

If you are the instance admin and are blocked, and would like your instance removed from this list, please submit a ticket.

Please note that BOFH, LLC will not, under normal circumstances, preemptively block instances. All users have the ability to curate their own individual instance and word block lists and are encouraged to use them.

The absence of any instance listed in this list does not constitute its endorsement or approval by BOFH, LLC.

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